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Megacosms by Stephen Seguin


... Megacosms by Stephen Seguin  
    ... Exhibition duration ran from September 13th until October 7th, 2012.  
    ... Opening reception was on September 14th 5:00-11:00pm & September 15th SuperCrawl 1-11pm  
    ... Through brightly coloured and illustrative renderings Seguin examines the imperative nature of entire worlds existing as organisms. Depictions of complex lines and grids contrast organic shapes and forms that cling together in space. Each piece demonstrates an intense push-and-pull feeling portraying a somewhat bustling sense of movement through space and time. Upon looking closer, the viewer can feel the harmony and tension that entangles the organisms in a symbiotic relationship.  
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September 13: 5-11pm
September 14: 10-2am
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