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About Manta

MANTA Contemporary is an art gallery in Hamilton, Ontario showing both emerging and established artists.

Established September 2012
The Cycle Period Sega Graffiti Textural Intercourse Paul Dickens
Visit us 1-7 Tuesday to Saturday at 22 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario.
Join us 7-11pm the second Friday of each month for our exhibition reception.
  .... MANTA strives to help both emerging and established artists in search of a venue to show their work. Exhibiting artists are encouraged to develop and professionally show a coherant body of work to the public that is contemporary in practise and throught provoking. A combination of Hamilton's creative growth and the desire for artists to produce and exhibit new work allows MANTA to help foster the creative means for both the artists' careers and the community's cultural development. The gallery functions as a vital aspect of local cultural exploration pushing the boundaries to engage the public with new ideas from a variety of artists from different backgrounds.  
  .... A monthly exhibition schedule of new work at MANTA is coordinated through artists submissions. Incoming submissions are routinely reviewed from both local and international artists and are evaluated by curatorial critique and a panel of artists to determine future exhibitions. Artists' submission applications can be delivered in person or through email. Prospective artists are encouraged to read through the guidelines and calls for submissions on the 'Submissions' page.  
  .... Despite the popular embrace of "traditional" art galleries, MANTA seeks to inspire a new generation of artists and art collectors to think outside the box and view art from variety of perspectives. Exhibtions at MANTA incorporate the entire gallery space for the most submersive viewing experience and changed every month.  
  .... Opening receptions for each new show are held every second Friday of the month in coordination with the local Art Crawl for viewers to enjoy an evening many exhibitions within a short stroll down the street. MANTA is open to the public with regular gallery hours and is more than welcoming to accomodate appointments upon request. If you missed a previous show, all past, present and future exhibitions are all archived and visible to the public on the 'Exhibitions' page. MANTA will continue to grow its online gallery archive after every exhibition ends, allowing viewers to forever access the artwork that was once exhibited at the gallery.  
  .... All artwork at MANTA past or present exhibitions are for sale and can be inquired about in person during gallery hours or via email at An additional selection of artwork by MANTA artists can be seen on the 'Artists' page. Gallery artists at MANTA have extensive work and catalogs available to purchase and/or view at the gallery.  
  .... MANTA actively participates in the King William Art Walk, Hamilton Art Crawl, Super Crawl and other local cultural and community events on a regular basis. To follow up-to-date news at the gallery subscribe to the monthly MANTA News email and follow us on Twitter @Manta_Gallery.  

MANTA Contemporary

22 Barton Street East
Hamilton, ON L8L 2V5

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September 13: 5-11pm
September 14: 10-2am
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